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The water at St. Michael's Special Needs School used to be black, stinky and toxic.

You helped us fix it. 


I'm 14 years old and I'm a student at St. Michael's Association for Special Education, the only special needs school on the Navajo Reservation serving kids my age.

Our tap water used to be black and stinky and it wasn't safe to drink. My classmates and I made this video and sent it to DigDeep asking for help!


Most of my classmates are medically fragile. We need pure, clean water to bathe, drink, clean our medical equipment, and prepare our meals.


Our friends at DigDeep designed a project that made sure our sinks, showers and toilets all have safe water.

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DigDeep worked with skilled engineers to conduct water tests and draft a remediation plan.



Then they partnered with the local utility to clean up the source water.



DigDeep staff completely replaced the plumbing in 14 buildings.



Finally, they installed a combination of 18 carbon and 24 membrane filters.


Step One: DigDeep installed five FloWater purification machines in key classrooms to provide safe water in the short term.

Step Two: DigDeep designed and installed a campus-wide purification system and replace contaminated plumbing.


with support from


DigDeep is the only non-profit working to ensure that every American has clean water, forever.

They help families, communities and schools (like St. Michael's!) get clean, running water. They've been working on the Navajo Nation since 2013.


My students are vulnerable. I think it’s shocking that THEY DON'T HAVE access to clean water.

Jessie Gross, Multisensory Special Educator